Monday, December 22, 2008

Morton's Neuroma

I think that's how you spell it: Morton's Neuroma. That is what I had. To me it was like walking on golf balls in each foot. I'm not sure of the details, but you can click on the link and follow which ever google page you would like to know more. =) I just knew it hurt to run or do any cardio on my feet.
Now I have new wheels and a walker...oh yeah and some super cool shoes. Don't be jealous for you too can have all this and more. Email me for details. :)

CAUTION!!!!! WARNING!!!! The following pictures may not be suited for the weak hearted. hehehehe

My personal nurse, Carey D. Haynes. Hehehehe. He is doing such a loverly job. =)

The feet of Frankenstein. The lovely orange color was a gift from the Versed fairies.

Ranger School Graduation

Class 01-09
Start Date: October 12, 2008
Graduation Date: December 12, 2008
Fort Benning, GA

The Tyson Family + Mamma Kat at the Ranger Memorial.

Gary and Austin Key with Dave at Graduation.

Team Tyson freezing at graduation.
The graduating class of 01-09.
A cool explosive demonstration...some of the toys Dave has been playing with the last 62 days.

They used this tower to perform Mountain Phase demonstrations: cool rappelling, lifting equipment, lifting multiple men, and shooting at targets as you rappel.
This poor guy had to walk across the 40ft. log, up the Ranger stairs and then crawl across the tight wire to the Ranger sign, hang from the wire until you get the "go" ahead from the senior officer to drop into the ice cold water. This was one of the coldest days even for Rangers. Krissy and the kids were down from Minnesota and she even said she wished she had brought her snow clothes. Needless to say, the water demonstrators were ice cold. Poor guys.

This is a squad of Rangers with the typical weapons/toys the guys were able to play with during Ranger School depending on their role within that squad.

Uncle Dave with Logan and Faith.

Krissy, Dave and Jess freezing at the Ranger Memorial.

Bappa Joe Joe, Dave and Logan Tyson.

Dave with his Father, Joe.

The dogs were so exhausted from all the festivities we found them keeping our bed warm for us. They are so sweet and thoughtful.

I will post a slide show of all the pictures from the graduation day. There are a lot of other really cool pictures, but I'm getting sleepy. I will also put some pictures of my feet from surgery in case you are curious. =)
Click on this link to go to the Ranger School webpage where you will find Dave's class photo. It isn't up as of 12/22/08, but it will be there. Scroll all the way to the bottom. It will be under 2009: Class 01-09.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Graduation Information

On the Ranger School webpage is a map and directions to the graduation site. It is a power point file you will need to download in order to print it off. It is a pretty good map and directions, better than I could give.

Click on Graduation to open the link.

If you need more information or help, please email me or call me. Love you and can't wait to see you in a few days.

Also, quick update on the back: I'm still in lots of pain, but able to move!! The Lord is good. I am able to walk to the restroom, kitchen, etc. but I am still tiring out quickly. To my beloved parents: don't worry I am lying down right now as I write this...I promise I am not doing anything major...just trying to loosen up and keep the stiffness at bay. I'll keep you updated. Love you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We have a new Ranger in the family by the name of David J. Tyson!!! He is approximately 20 pounds lighter but still the same goof ball...I mean amazing man we all know him to be. =)
He was not able to talk very long, but he did confirm he is graduating this Friday at 10am (EST) - be there at 9:30 b/c seating is limited. Thank you for your prayers, the Lord heard them and answered!!!
Two songs come to mind and are playing over and over again in my head...



ps. I hurt my back again and have been in bed the last two days. Please pray I get back on my feet quickly. I want to be able to drive down to Benning early to see Dave on his daily passes before graduation and I want to be able to walk at his graduation. =(

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some of my favs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessing:

I went to bed around 10PM on Thanksgiving evening knowing I would be getting up in 5 hours to get ready for work the next morning. I fell asleep around 10:30 and then was awakened about 11pm to a strange phone call. I almost silenced my phone and didn't answer it. Praise the Lord He allowed me to answer it. What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing and surprise it was for me to hear my beloved husband's voice on the other end. =) We were able to talk for about an hour!!!!

Dave said he is doing well. He sounds like he has recovered from any illness he previously had during Mtn. Phase. He sounded like an excited boy scout learning new things and earning more merit badges when he described the Florida Phase classes on reptiles, hypothermia, and hazards in the swamps. He is in Eglin Air Force Base's Camp James E. Rudder near Destin and Navarre Beach, FL. He said his feet were doing well, but after reading many Ranger journals they should be like ground chuck after this phase. The Ranger Instructors labeled the first phase the "crawl" phase, the Mtn. Phase was the "walk" and this Florida Phase is the "run" phase. That basically means little to no food each day (1 meal and whatever you find in the swamp), and 0-2 hours sleep each night.

This phase is where the sleep deprivation really kicks in and guys end up "droning out" (sleep walking/marching). There have been guys reportedly trying to put dollar bills into trees thinking they were vending machines. Dave said he's seen a couple of guys fall off 20-30 ft. cliffs b/c they fell asleep while ruck marching. Poor guys!

Right now he is on his final 9 day FTX (Field Training Exercise). During this FTX he will be in and out of the swamps. Due to previous deaths during this phase, they are not supposed to get in the water if the total temp does not equal 100 degrees. You get the total temp by adding the outside air temperature to the water temperature. If it does not equal 100 degrees, they are not supposed to enter the water. From looking at the weather and water temp each night, I pray he has not had missions going through the swamps as it is been 40 degrees air temp and about 50 degrees water temp. :(

Dave asked that we pray for his continued health, favor with the RI's and his Ranger buddy's, continued success in leadership positions and missions, for his fight against hunger and fatigue/exhaustion, for patience, and for him to graduate Dec. 12, 2008. He also asked that we continue to pray for Jon and Charlie as they are with their units (Jon is deploying this week for one year and Charlie is deployed).

At this rate, Dave should graduate Friday, December 12, 2008 at 10am near Camp Rogers at Fort Benning, GA. If you are interested in attending let me know and I will give you more details.

I am sorry I am not writing very eloquently; my heart is heavy right now. I have a sweet friend who is hurting so deeply and has an overwhelming amount of decisions to make for her family. She is married with children and is separated from her husband. They are separated by distance alone - not by choice, think of it like a deployment. I cannot give more details, but please pray for them; the Lord knows who they are and what their needs are. May the Holy Spirit lead you in prayer.

Oh, before I forget: EXCITING NEWS!!! Krissy, Logan and Faith are coming down next week to visit us in Savannah!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Shane will be here in spirit as he has to work. Boo! Hiss! I said the "work" word. =) They may even be here for Dave's graduation. He does not know this, so if you write him or talk with him, please do not mention it. We want to surprise him, plus we aren't sure if the dates are going to match up as of yet. We cannot wait to see them and spend quality time with them. It has been almost a year since I have seen my beautiful and handsome neice and nephew. I CANNOT WAIT to see them!!!

Thank you for reading, for your prayers, and for your support. We are so grateful for wonderful friends and family. I pray you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving. God bless you and your family.