Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Have I ever told you about my cleaning lady?

Sshhh! don’t tell anyone, but I think she is a ninja or an undercover agent. Talk about stealth and determination. She is sneaky personified. I don’t know what to make of her. I can’t figure out if she just L-O-V-E-S cleaning, or if we are playing a never ending game of “hide and seek” or “catch me if you can.” This has become one of the highlights of my day. She’s a cute little old Japanese lady and is one of the most humble and meek ladies I’ve ever met. Her smile will make you laugh and feel all bubbly inside.
I will have to undergo a covert ops mission in order to steal a picture of her for you.

Everyday I do my best to be in my room at the hour I think she will strike. Everyday I miss her. Only once have I caught her in the act. It was the first week I was here. That day, she memorized my car’s make, model, color, VIN and tag number. Now, when I pull up and she’s in my motel room, she will stick her head out the door – look both ways, and then POOF! She vanishes into thin air before I can make those 200 steps from the car to the room.

There have been two days I’ve been in my room all day restricting access to the room from her ninja skills. Both days she stopped by the door to ask if I needed anything. I smiled politely and respectfully said no thank you. I don’t want to make her work more and I’m trying to lighten her load from all the other rooms she so meticulously has to clean.

She proceeds to ask, “Sheets? Towels? Trash?”

To which I reply, “I made my husband take his monthly shower yesterday, so we’re good on the sheets and towels for at least a month. And since he’s not here, I do not have any trash for you.”

She catches on to my attempt at humor and cracks a slight smile, but then like a prowling lioness with determination, she continues to make her circles hoping I will leave the room unattended.

Each day she grows increasingly stealthy and more ninja like. I will stay in my room all morning and leave at noon only to return later in the afternoon to a fully cleaned room. If I leave in the morning and return at noon, our room has been serviced by this selfless ninja. If I duck out from 1pm to 2pm, I will return to a clean room!!! Ahhhhh!!! What is a girl to do?!!

Lurking in the shadows, she is there, she’s watching, she’s waiting. Cleaning lady is ready to pounce at a moments notice; she is ready to take her prey.

I’m wondering if she is one of God’s angels.

Dave wants to take lessons at her dojo.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hawaii - Schofield Barracks

Ko Olina
Ko Olina
North Shore

Hi guys! Sorry it has taken me so long. I know I have a LOT of catching up to do. I am and have been in a hotel pretty much since the last blog in December. The internet speed has been so slow it makes it incredibly difficult to even email. This will be short and sweet until I we move in to our home at the end of March and get everything up and going.

Dave has "in-processed" but I'm still not sure what he is or will be doing. I'm not sure he even knows. :) We do know he will be with the 25th ID, 2nd Brgd- Striker Combat Team.

The Lord has been blessing us in His perfect timing with getting everything settled. I don't know how people make it without the Lord. He has allowed us to find a beautiful home within our budget, good reliable transportation, and wonderful times with family. My youngest brother and his wife are stationed here: Zac and Sissy. They have been such a HUGE help. When we first got here, Sissy literally drove us all over the island helping us to find a home and a car. She was very selfless in her time and energy.