Monday, December 22, 2008

Morton's Neuroma

I think that's how you spell it: Morton's Neuroma. That is what I had. To me it was like walking on golf balls in each foot. I'm not sure of the details, but you can click on the link and follow which ever google page you would like to know more. =) I just knew it hurt to run or do any cardio on my feet.
Now I have new wheels and a walker...oh yeah and some super cool shoes. Don't be jealous for you too can have all this and more. Email me for details. :)

CAUTION!!!!! WARNING!!!! The following pictures may not be suited for the weak hearted. hehehehe

My personal nurse, Carey D. Haynes. Hehehehe. He is doing such a loverly job. =)

The feet of Frankenstein. The lovely orange color was a gift from the Versed fairies.

Ranger School Graduation

Class 01-09
Start Date: October 12, 2008
Graduation Date: December 12, 2008
Fort Benning, GA

The Tyson Family + Mamma Kat at the Ranger Memorial.

Gary and Austin Key with Dave at Graduation.

Team Tyson freezing at graduation.
The graduating class of 01-09.
A cool explosive demonstration...some of the toys Dave has been playing with the last 62 days.

They used this tower to perform Mountain Phase demonstrations: cool rappelling, lifting equipment, lifting multiple men, and shooting at targets as you rappel.
This poor guy had to walk across the 40ft. log, up the Ranger stairs and then crawl across the tight wire to the Ranger sign, hang from the wire until you get the "go" ahead from the senior officer to drop into the ice cold water. This was one of the coldest days even for Rangers. Krissy and the kids were down from Minnesota and she even said she wished she had brought her snow clothes. Needless to say, the water demonstrators were ice cold. Poor guys.

This is a squad of Rangers with the typical weapons/toys the guys were able to play with during Ranger School depending on their role within that squad.

Uncle Dave with Logan and Faith.

Krissy, Dave and Jess freezing at the Ranger Memorial.

Bappa Joe Joe, Dave and Logan Tyson.

Dave with his Father, Joe.

The dogs were so exhausted from all the festivities we found them keeping our bed warm for us. They are so sweet and thoughtful.

I will post a slide show of all the pictures from the graduation day. There are a lot of other really cool pictures, but I'm getting sleepy. I will also put some pictures of my feet from surgery in case you are curious. =)
Click on this link to go to the Ranger School webpage where you will find Dave's class photo. It isn't up as of 12/22/08, but it will be there. Scroll all the way to the bottom. It will be under 2009: Class 01-09.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Graduation Information

On the Ranger School webpage is a map and directions to the graduation site. It is a power point file you will need to download in order to print it off. It is a pretty good map and directions, better than I could give.

Click on Graduation to open the link.

If you need more information or help, please email me or call me. Love you and can't wait to see you in a few days.

Also, quick update on the back: I'm still in lots of pain, but able to move!! The Lord is good. I am able to walk to the restroom, kitchen, etc. but I am still tiring out quickly. To my beloved parents: don't worry I am lying down right now as I write this...I promise I am not doing anything major...just trying to loosen up and keep the stiffness at bay. I'll keep you updated. Love you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008


We have a new Ranger in the family by the name of David J. Tyson!!! He is approximately 20 pounds lighter but still the same goof ball...I mean amazing man we all know him to be. =)
He was not able to talk very long, but he did confirm he is graduating this Friday at 10am (EST) - be there at 9:30 b/c seating is limited. Thank you for your prayers, the Lord heard them and answered!!!
Two songs come to mind and are playing over and over again in my head...



ps. I hurt my back again and have been in bed the last two days. Please pray I get back on my feet quickly. I want to be able to drive down to Benning early to see Dave on his daily passes before graduation and I want to be able to walk at his graduation. =(

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some of my favs

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessing:

I went to bed around 10PM on Thanksgiving evening knowing I would be getting up in 5 hours to get ready for work the next morning. I fell asleep around 10:30 and then was awakened about 11pm to a strange phone call. I almost silenced my phone and didn't answer it. Praise the Lord He allowed me to answer it. What a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing and surprise it was for me to hear my beloved husband's voice on the other end. =) We were able to talk for about an hour!!!!

Dave said he is doing well. He sounds like he has recovered from any illness he previously had during Mtn. Phase. He sounded like an excited boy scout learning new things and earning more merit badges when he described the Florida Phase classes on reptiles, hypothermia, and hazards in the swamps. He is in Eglin Air Force Base's Camp James E. Rudder near Destin and Navarre Beach, FL. He said his feet were doing well, but after reading many Ranger journals they should be like ground chuck after this phase. The Ranger Instructors labeled the first phase the "crawl" phase, the Mtn. Phase was the "walk" and this Florida Phase is the "run" phase. That basically means little to no food each day (1 meal and whatever you find in the swamp), and 0-2 hours sleep each night.

This phase is where the sleep deprivation really kicks in and guys end up "droning out" (sleep walking/marching). There have been guys reportedly trying to put dollar bills into trees thinking they were vending machines. Dave said he's seen a couple of guys fall off 20-30 ft. cliffs b/c they fell asleep while ruck marching. Poor guys!

Right now he is on his final 9 day FTX (Field Training Exercise). During this FTX he will be in and out of the swamps. Due to previous deaths during this phase, they are not supposed to get in the water if the total temp does not equal 100 degrees. You get the total temp by adding the outside air temperature to the water temperature. If it does not equal 100 degrees, they are not supposed to enter the water. From looking at the weather and water temp each night, I pray he has not had missions going through the swamps as it is been 40 degrees air temp and about 50 degrees water temp. :(

Dave asked that we pray for his continued health, favor with the RI's and his Ranger buddy's, continued success in leadership positions and missions, for his fight against hunger and fatigue/exhaustion, for patience, and for him to graduate Dec. 12, 2008. He also asked that we continue to pray for Jon and Charlie as they are with their units (Jon is deploying this week for one year and Charlie is deployed).

At this rate, Dave should graduate Friday, December 12, 2008 at 10am near Camp Rogers at Fort Benning, GA. If you are interested in attending let me know and I will give you more details.

I am sorry I am not writing very eloquently; my heart is heavy right now. I have a sweet friend who is hurting so deeply and has an overwhelming amount of decisions to make for her family. She is married with children and is separated from her husband. They are separated by distance alone - not by choice, think of it like a deployment. I cannot give more details, but please pray for them; the Lord knows who they are and what their needs are. May the Holy Spirit lead you in prayer.

Oh, before I forget: EXCITING NEWS!!! Krissy, Logan and Faith are coming down next week to visit us in Savannah!!! WOOOHOOO!!! Shane will be here in spirit as he has to work. Boo! Hiss! I said the "work" word. =) They may even be here for Dave's graduation. He does not know this, so if you write him or talk with him, please do not mention it. We want to surprise him, plus we aren't sure if the dates are going to match up as of yet. We cannot wait to see them and spend quality time with them. It has been almost a year since I have seen my beautiful and handsome neice and nephew. I CANNOT WAIT to see them!!!

Thank you for reading, for your prayers, and for your support. We are so grateful for wonderful friends and family. I pray you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving. God bless you and your family.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

On to Florida!!!

Woohoo! Praise the good Lord! Dave was able to call me tonight for a few minutes (less than 10) to let me know he is moving on to Florida Phase at Eglin AFB, Florida!!! I was so excited. I'm afraid I scared some of the customers standing in line I was running around like a little school girl crying, squealing and grinning frome ear to ear. He is still sick but seemed to be in high spirits. He wanted me to thank you all for your prayers. I know we talked for 10 minutes, but I can't think of what we talked about - its all a blur. =)
He did say the training is supposed to be getting tougher this phase. If Benning/Darby Phase is a "Crawl" and Mtn. Phase is "Walk" then Florida/Swamp Phase is "Run." My personal motto is to not run unless someone is chasing me, but then again he did sign up for this crazy roller coaster of a ride. I love him so much and cannot wait to see him. I am praying he graduates December 12, 2008. Unfortunately we will not know for certain if he is graduating until the day before. If you want to know, let me know and I will send you a text/email as soon as I find out.
I'm sorry I am not very articulate this evening/morning. I just got home from work and am ready to go to sleep. I am sure I will edit this tomorrow.
THANK YOU!!! so very much for praying for my beloved husband. I cannot thank you enough. If I don't get the chance: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Know we are thankful for you!!! I pray God blesses you with a fantabulous Thanksgiving/Turkey Day!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Florida Phase?

I have not heard anything from Dave since the letter he sent me on my Birthday last week. I did get a letter from TriCare wanting Dave to fill out a survey based on his hospital/doctor visit from November 2, 2008. =) That means he had to see a doctor on that date while he has been in Ranger School. He did not mention it in his letter. I decided to post the Ranger School Florida Phase Calendar in hopes we can all pray over the various dates and activities. If you can't see the picture here that well you can click on the link (Ranger School) and open the Ranger School Brief power point presentation and find it there. Or I can email it to you.

Dave did not go into much detail regarding Ranger School aside from asking for prayer over being cold, tired, hungry and favor with the guys in his platoon and with the RI's (Ranger Instructors). Dave gives glory to God for allowing him to get this far...

"Please pray for me, and Jon and Charlie. Pray constantly. Please pray for warm, dry weather and for health, favor with my Ranger buddies and for favor w/the RI's. Pray especially for a "Go" in my leadership positions during my upcoming FTXs and for graduation on December 12th. It is all in the Lord's hands and in His control; because there are so many variables and the grading criteria is entirely the way did I tell you I'm super tired and hungry. Hey, as a head's up on Tuesday the 11th we start a 4 day FTX (Field Training Exercise) then 1 day refit before going on the final 5 day FTX, then we will have an admin day until we find out that we move on to Florida Phase. Pray that the Lord helps and hastens that time. On a related note, can you please send a big care package at the end of Mtn. Phase? Possible items to include but not limited to: beef jerky, trail mix, oatmeal chocolate cookies, brownies, rice krispy bars, snickers bars, etc. Please also pray for teamwork within our squads and Platoon. Sometimes it gets a little ugly. I need the Lord to give me patience, strength, and hope while we are apart. It's getting late and I need to go to sleep (ps - please pray that He helps me in the sleep department)."

That is about all he wrote. I left all the mooshy stuff out so you don't get too sick. :) Please join me in praying he does not get recycled. I should find out either today or tomorrow if he moves on to Florida Phase (please dear Lord). His Florida Phase address will be:

Ranger David J Tyson, RN #162
6th RTB, (Squad and Platoon number inserted here)
ATTN: Class 01-09
6069 Walkers Lane
Camp James E Rudder
Eglin AFB, FL 32542

Friday, November 14, 2008

"We're Half Way There...

Whooooaaa, Livin' On A Prayer..."
Thank you Bon Jovi.
Well, I have yet to hear from Dave, which is good in a weird and twisted way. They say in Ranger School, no news is good news. His 8 hour pass at the end of Benning Phase came and went rediculously too fast. It was more like a 7 hour pass, but I will take what I can get. Since then, I have received one letter from him that was written on the bus ride to Camp Merrill, Dahlonega, GA. Click on the link provided to see a picture of about where he is camping out right now.
Lord willing, next Saturday Dave should be on a bus ride down to Eglin AFB, Florida. I am praying he gets a first time GO on all his missions during this phase and that he does not get peered out. I will let you know as soon as I know something.
I do not have much else to report. The rest of the family seems to be trucking along. Sorry I'm a slacker. Oh, and here is the video on YouTube showing what Dave is learning in Boy Scouts, I mean Ranger School. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Charlie Tyson

Before I forget: we can now tell everyone Charlie has deployed with his unit. Aside from that we are not allowed to give out too much information. We cannot say where or for how long. We can tell you he has called several times now and is doing very well. He sounds up beat and encouraged. Please continue to pray for his safety and health.

If you would like to write him or send him something in the mail, send me an email and I will give you his mailing address.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Then and Now..

Wowzers!!! I cannot believe my sweet, innocent niece is in the third grade. Leah R. Haynes, aka: Leah the Beah. It is amazing how quickly time flies. She is supposed to still be this sweet, innocent little girl pictured on the above. This picture was taken in 2001 when she drank out of a sippy cup, wore diapers and her daddy's big ears were very apparent.
Fast forward 7 years: Leah is now 8 years old. Leah has outgrow her diapers and sippy cup: traded them in for Hannah Montana's wig and microphone. She now enjoys having the ability to choose the color of rubber bands on her braces
(favorite color to get is pink). And of course, she loves anything Hannah Montana and The High School Musical movies. Pretty much anything Disney related, she enjoys. This second picture is her third grade fall picture. Leah was recently named "Student of the Week" at her school in ABQ, NM. The Lord has blessed our family so much through Leah. I am very proud of her and love her very much.
I would love to say she gets her sweet spirit, great intelligence and beautiful looks from her Auntie Carrie, but that would be far from the truth (Praise the Good Lord - it would be scary having two of me running around).
I hope you enjoy the pictures. I have other family news coming soon from Oahu, HA. I just need a little more time to get them downloaded, etc. I will try to have it done by the end of this weekend.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Dave's Address

We received Dave's address and have pasted it below. The missing information from the previous post is highlighted green. Please send Dave a note of encouragement. It can be as simple as a small prayer, your favorite scripture passage, or a full blown letter. I know he would love to have any encouragement he can get. He is averaging 3 +/- hours of sleep/personal time each day, so I do not expect to hear much of anything from him. I also know that will leave him little time to read any scripture.
If you do send him anything, make sure it does not contain magazine or newspaper clippings, etc. You can send him brownies or cookies, goodies, etc. but they will be held until the end of each phase. I will see him for a few hours (less than 8) towards the end of October (end of Phase I) for restocking on supplies. I will have the lovely duty of doing his laundry. Keep in mind over the last week he may have had one shower. :) I don't expect him to take anymore unless he swims through a creek or pond.
Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Thank you. God bless you.

2 LT David Tyson
4th RTB
RN-162,Class 01-09
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ranger School

Dave started Ranger School yesterday. He was excited and nervous all at the same time. I haven't heard anything from him and do not expect to. With Ranger School, no news is good news. If I do hear from him it means something went wrong and he is either being dropped or recycled. I am praying I do not hear from him. =)

I have a rough idea of what his address will be:
2LT Tyson, David
4th Ranger Training Battalion
ATTN: 001-09, ??????? (I don't know what company he is in)
10850 Schneider Road
Fort Benning, GA 31905

I will update this address as soon as I know what company he is in. If you would like to know exactly what he is doing, you can click on the video link on the right side of this page "Ranger School" videos from YouTube. And you can visit the Ranger School Homepage for more information. Please pray for favor from the guys in his squad and the Ranger Instructors (RI's), for protection over his body (from sickness and/or injury), for strength and energy, endurance, rest, etc.

In other news: please also be praying for Jon and Charlie as they are getting ready to deploy with their units. I can't give dates or more information over the internet or in writing, but we can talk about it. I may have to make this blog by invitation only as the security clearance continues to change. There is a lot I am learning about what we can and cannot talk about. Send me an email letting me know you still want to see this and I will make sure I add your email address to the list. My email is

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. I'm sorry this is so brief, I have a lot going on that I need to tend to. I will write more and post pictures from the past few weeks later this week.

God bless you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

FA OBC Graduation 9-17

Dave graduated this past Wednesday, September 17th marking one year he has been in the Army. He has now completed Basic, OCS/BOLC I, BOLC II, and BOLC III/FA OBC. Field Artillery Officer's Basic Leadership Course. Most of our friends have departed to their various posts around the world as we are in the midst of our packing and moving. Long story short: we will eventually move to Hawaii as that is where we are being stationed, but first Dave is going to Ft. Benning, GA to go through Ranger and Airborne Schooling. Once he has completed those we will join his unit in Hawaii.
Dave never tells me exactly how he has done in school or with any course, I have to read the program to learn anything or talk with his fellow classmates. =) He was one of four Honor Graduates to complete FA OBC in class 06-08. I am very proud of him and thankful to the Lord for the wonderful blessing he continues to be in my life. Below are a few pictures from graduation. I hope you enjoy.

Dave receiving his diploma as one of the four honor grads.

My handsome husband with his diploma.

Me, 2LT David Tyson and 2LT Patrick Wilson (D.C.).

A few of the guys in Dave's graduating class in front of a 105mm howitzer.

The Tyson's pre Hawaii.

We will be packing up here to leave Ft. Sill, OK. We have thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of our stay here. I am actually going to miss this little town filled with so much history. I'd love to get in a time machine and go back 150 years.

We will be going to Birmingham for one day then off to Atlanta for our sweet friend's wedding, Grace Henriksen. =) After that we will be off to Savannah to visit with JoeJoe, Jess and Charlie. We are hoping to see Jon somewhere in there, as well.

Dave starts Ranger School October 12th. Please continue to pray the Lord blesses Dave, grants him favor and protection.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mann Tyson Wedding

Saturday, September 13, 2008

September Updates

Sorry I've been super busy the last few weeks and have been a total slacker in about every category imaginable. That includes returning phone calls, emails, letters, being a good friend/sister/daughter,etc. Fill in the blank. You get the idea.

After work each day we have spent the majority of our free time tying up all loose ends with the Army regarding our upcoming PCS and TDY (temporary move to the southeast then permanent move to HA). We have also added a new dog to the family and had a CG's Reception (Military Formal). I can't wait for you to meet Boaz. He is such a sweetheart (when he's not chewing my coffee table into a toothpick). Those of us who can't have babies have puppies. =)

Meet Boaz Tyson. This is a picture of him while he was at the kennel. We had to wait an entire week before we could adopt him.

This is a picture of him and Ruth greeting me at the door when I had gotten home from working at Starbucks one afternoon. They typically come to slobber me with kisses.

Here Boaz has taken the couch cover off and has wadded it up to lie on and hide in.

This is one of his favorite things to do...sleep on the cold hard wood floors.

Tuisamatatele and Dave all decked out in their Dress blues.

Dave with Vic and Marut.

I worked for hours on the dress I wanted to wear sewing extra material to make the neck line less revealing. In the end it looked great, but 5 minutes after I was already late the zipper broke before I even put it on. I couldn't get the dress to zip up, so on to my back up dress which I haven't altered yet.

Group of guys in Dave's BOLC III class.

Because we were the last platoon in the receiving line, by the time we got through (where you meet the hosts of the reception and honored guests) the food was gone. We joined Ethan, Jen and Ellie-bellie at Lost Tres Amigos afterwards.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Happy Birthday to Dave!!!

My darling husband is 29 today!!! Woohoo! God bless him.
For his birthday, he has gotten a new pair of boots for those horribly blistered feet from the parents. Ruth bought him some new moisture-wicking away material socks. The mice of the house bought him a "Bodyglide Anti Blister Stick". And the next door neighbor's dog, Rocksi bought him a new pair of Sole inserts that are supposed to help keep his feet dry during those ridiculously long road marches.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ranger School

Dave got his Ranger School slot!!! WOOHOO! or rather Hooah!
Class 001-08 begins October 12th and ends December 12th. He will be at Fort Benning for phase one: Darby Phase, in North Georgia for Phase II: Mountain Phase, and Florida for Phase III: Swamp Phase. It is a total of 61-62 days; however, it is RARE that one goes through without being recycled at one phase or another.

One of our friends has done a fabulous job of journaling throughout the entire process you can take a look at it:

Here are some links with schedules and more journals from guys who have done through it to give you an idea of what he will be doing and how you can better pray for him throughout this process:

Or you can check out youtube to watch the nine part video on Ranger School.

Quick Family Updates:
-Jon is in Louisianan doing training with his unit out of Ft. Bragg, NC.
-Charlie is with his Ranger Bat out of Savannah, GA. Dad and Jess have moved to Savannah. Jess can now be considered a Georgia Peach as she has mastered the art of Grits. =)
-Krissy and Shane are with the kids in Minnesota.

Pope Family:
-Bryan and Jenn, Steph & Casey: You can catch up with them by clicking on the links on the right side of the page.
-Mom & Mike - enjoying being out of the hot sun of Oklahoma and being at home. They've been super busy all summer. Time to relax and enjoy not doing anything.

Haynes Family
- Zac and Sissy are in Hawaii loving every minute of it.
-Adam is in an undisclosed location having a blast, avoiding humidity at all costs. =)
-Dad, Cmonster, Sadie, Jesse, Sugar and the chickens are doing fantabulously well. They found a bald eagle in their driveway a few weeks back.
-Craig lives in West Blocton.
-Leah just turned 8 and is about to start back at school. You can check out her blog by following the links on the right side of this page. I miss that little squishy tushy. =) Mom and I just took her back to ABQ after spending a few weeks with her.

Still to come:
Haynes Family Visit Pictures
Pope Family Visit Pictures
Leah's Bday

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Need Help...

Dave had blisters a few weeks ago (less than 2 wks) and now just finished a 12 mile ruck march with sopping wet feet. We cannot get his feet to stay dry when he does ruck marches over 6 miles. We've tried everything. Please look at these pictures and let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions. Please pray for his feet: quick recovery and for the pain to go away. We are also praying this does not interfere with his Ranger training.
Thank you. We love you and pray God is drawing you nearer.