Saturday, May 24, 2008

BOLC II In Review

Dave is the second guy from the left practicing the "stack."

Vic (a close neighbor) is giving the "Command" hand.

A Lesson in Combatives results in you looking like...

This! Poor guy had someone try to rip off his arm. =)

Dave on the left with NODs (Night Optical Devices).

Dave on the right with the NODs in use.

Urban Ops during FTX


In the video, my handsome husband is the GI Joe in the front of the stack. "That's where I like to be," Dave said when I asked why he was the first to enter a building. =)

The Tyson's at BOLC II graduation.

The Clements: Ethan and Jennifer with little Ellie.


This is Tyson at Los Tres Amigos on Cinco de Mayo.

This is Tori, Tyson's sister.
Tori and Catherine.

Jennifer and Ellie.

We all went to Los Tres Amigos on Cinco de Mayo while the guys were on their three week FTX and couldn't come out and play. These are my wonderful neighbors with their beautiful children. They are such a blessing to me.

Dave has finished BOLC II!!! Woohoo! Praise the good Lord. He has a four day weekend and then starts BOLC III or FAOBC on Tuesday. He will also be doing the Ranger PT every day. Normal PT is from 6 to 7 every morning and Ranger PT (which is optional...yes, he signed up for it) is from 5 to 7 every morning and is significantly harder. However, if he completes Ranger PT successfully over the course, he will be guaranteed a spot in Ranger school upon completion of BOLC III. Please pray the Lord continues to strengthen him and prepare him physically, mentally and spiritually for the challenges that lay ahead.

Jon has finished week two of Airborne: Tower Week. Next week is his third and final week of Airborne: Jump Week. Upon completion of 5 successful jumps, Jon will graduate next Friday. Praise the Lord for this miracle, as well. Please continue to pray the Lord blesses Jon's every step, especially his knees, ankles, health, etc.

I found my camera!!! Another praise the Lord. I know you are probably thinking how stupid of me to mention that, but I know the Lord cares about the little details of our lives, as well. =) Now I can go to Orlando on the family trip and not worry about missing pix.
Another praise: I think I may have found a job. It isn't the greatest job in the world, but it is better than flipping burgers. It would be working at a staffing agency placing people with jobs. The pay is half of what I was making in Birmingham, but as my Dad said, "Some money an hour is better than no money an hour." I have also submitted my resume and application to about 10 government jobs here on post. If I could get one of those and get my foot in the door, I would be able to transfer from post to post. That would be HUGE!!! And the pay is better than what I was making in Birmingham. We shall see.

Four months left until Hawaii!!! We are counting down!! Please come by and visit us. You can get GREAT flight deals from I found a round trip ticket on Delta to Hawaii for $282.00!!! You just have to keep an eye out for the great deals. If officer housing is anything like it is here at Ft. Sill, then we will have plenty of space for you. =)

We are hoping to come home to AL at the end of September, first of October before we report to Hawaii. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your continued prayers, we feel them and greatly appreciate them. God bless you!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prayer Request...

My sweet neighbor below had a miscarriage today. She has two children: ages 2 (Tori) and 3(Tyson - oddly enough her maiden name was Tyson). Her husband, Randy is in Dave's class (BOLC II) and is therefore in the field (no communication or way to get in touch with him). Our other neighbor went to visit family in Dallas this week with the guys being away, so it is just me and her (and the kids). Her name is Catherine.
I cannot imagine how lonely she must feel or the pain that can be overwhelming. Praise the Lord she knows, believes and trusts in the Lord. I'm in the middle of making dinner for all of us and will go back downstairs to serve dinner to her and the kids. Please pray the Lord gives me words to encourage and comfort her, and/or wisdom and discernment to know when to be quiet and not say anything. I know we are so inadequate. I am still getting to know her, so it is difficult for me to read her. I'm not sure what she would want me to do or if she would even ask for help.
Please pray for her heart, her thoughts, and her healing. I am praying she feels the Lord's presence through this difficult time. I am praying she feels the warmth of His embrace, that His peace would wash over he like a warm blanket.
Even more thankful for you all and the love the Lord has given us for one another. You are such a blessing in my life! I love you! God bless you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I can't find my camera and it's driving me bonkers! I have pictures from Cinco de Mayo I wanted to put on here. Instead of showing you pictures I'll have to bore you with whats going on in my world:

Ruth is doing SO MUCH BETTER!!! Thank you for praying and thank You, Lord. Her skin is looking fabulous, she must take after her mother. Not sure if I've told everyone about the ordeal in getting her to Hawaii, but it's a mess. I have a few weeks left to get her blood work done (by one of two companies in the country who are booked solid). Once the blood work is done they will insert her micro chip. After that we have a ton of paperwork to fill out and submit with all original certificates of shots, etc. to submit to Hawaii. If this is not all completed within the next four weeks then my precious girl would have to be in quarantine for 120 days!!!! YIKES! I don't want that, but the vet here on post won't return my phone calls. He has to submit it and walk me through the paperwork to make sure it is all done correctly. In all fairness to him, I know he is swamped. Please continue to pray the Lord helps me to get everything finished in time to avoid the 120 days of quarantine. Maybe the Lord is preparing me to be a real mother one day (Lord willing) with all the allergies and hassle of paperwork.

Job Search Update: nada mucho aqui. Pero, yo tengo mas tiempo para mi espanol...yo necesito practicar mas. In other words: nothing. It's giving me time to brush up on my Spanish, which is in dire need before I lose it all.

In other news:
Jon is in Airborne week 1: PLF - Parachute Landing (F? fall?)...he is learning to fall/land from the jumps. He is pumped and loving every minute of it.
Ranger Charlie is in processing to his BAT in Savannah. Joe and Jess should be moving down there around the end of May/1st of June. Exciting if we can snag Krissy, Shane and the kids. =)
Signe: please pray for her. The family got her a cell phone with only 5 numbers that she can call and that way she can call us whenever she wants (or her mother allows). Thus far my every attempt to reach her has only resulted in her voice mail. I don't know when she is allowed to use it, but I really miss my precious niece. And I know Jon is missing his beautiful daughter.

Less than two weeks until our family vacation to Orlando and I cannot wait. It will be so nice to see the family, especially Niki and Leah! I MISS YOU!!!

Lieutenant Dave is in his final week of his field training exercise (FTX)...he is in a leadership role - please pray for him and the FOG - as Drake likes to call it (Favor Of God). An FTX is what I affectionately refer to as Boy Scouts camping and playing war games.

I have new neighbors, but I'm getting the cold shoulder. I'll keep you updated as I infiltrate across enemy lines. I don't think they know what to make of Southern Hospitality. I offered freshly homemade apple pie and they didn't show after accepting. Sad day. Oh well, I'll keep trying. Ask my mom, it's good apple pie. I only spit in it once. Just kidding.

That's all. Love you guys and am thankful to have you in my life! God bless you! Good night/morning!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Dave: 5
Carrie: 4
Mice: 0

This past week Dave was on his FTX (Field Training Exercise) leaving me and Ruth to fend for ourselves. Well, we caught four mice. They were so cute, but they had to go. I caught one tap dancing in the middle of the kitchen floor trying to get Ruth's food. Meanwhile our neighbors have four cats...some help they are. =)
Job hunt status: nada. I've been looking and researching, but it is proving more difficult than I first imagined. I would really like to work with people, but it appears my best bet is a WAH (work at home) company. I have my third interview on Monday.

In other news:
Charlie graduated from RIP (Ranger Indoctrination Program) on Friday and is being assigned to the Ranger Battalion in Savanah, GA. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Charlie recognizes his passing RIP as being all from the Lord. Jessica and Dad (Joe Joe) will be moving down there with him within the next few weeks. Please pray they have a safe journey and that they will be able to find good jobs once they move into the beautiful South.

Jono is in limbo right now. We aren't sure if he will be doing Airborne right now or if he will have to wait for a couple of months. If he doesn't do Airborne, he will either be assigned to an Infantry Bat. or will be able to put his OCS packet in and become an officer first. Please pray for patience and the favor of God. Ultimately, we want what the Lord wants.

Dave will be done with BOLC II in two more weeks and will start BOLC III at the end of May. We had his platoon over yesterday and grilled out. It was a great turnout with 35-40 +/- people. We had some awesome food (they were happy to not be eating at the DEFAC or MRE's from the field), great games (ULTIMATE FRISBEE!!!, and spoons), and a great time getting to know each other. I was able to meet a few more wives, and hopefully a few more friends.

Please pray for:
Dave: he is Platoon Srgt. this next week for Mout Operations (Urban). Pray the Lord grants him favor in all he does, as well as, wisdom and discernment. Please pray the Lord grants him a sensitive spirit to His voice and leading: decisions, leadership, plan of action, endurance, strength, energy, and safety.
Ruth: poor girl is broken out all over. I'm giving her the right food, bathing her not too often (skin allergies only allow once every 3-4 weeks), and giving her shots every 10 days instead of 14. Her hair seems to be falling out more and leaving bare patches. I don't know what else to do. We can't keep getting her allergy test every time we move to a different part of the country, because that is what the doctor is telling us to do. Her shots are formulated for different parts of the country. The shot we are giving her right now is for the southeast, but we are living in OK. It would cost over 200.00 to get it reformulated for OK, but we are only here for 4.5 months. =( She is such a great dog, she doesn't act like it bothers her, but she isn't looking so good. I love my little pudgy pup; she's my baby girl.

Haynes side:
Adam is doing great and planning a move soon, possibly L.A. I'm trying my best to save up enough money to visit him while Dave is on his FTX.
Craig is getting married to Linsey at the end of June. He is also going to Ft. Gordon for Signal training.
Zac is married to Sissy and they are stationed in Hawaii...loving every minute of it. Sissy is busy taking classes online and getting ready to take a test to sale insurance. We aren't sure what is going on with Zac's career with Uncle Sam. He is currently an MP and may be deployed within a year (not sure of the exact date or where - I'll find out more and update you).
Dad and CMomster are undertaking the HUGE task of redoing the inside of their house. They love HGTV and DIY. Dad is mostly daydreaming of his fishing tournaments.

Pope side:
Please continue to pray for Stephanie and Casey and the journey of bringing home their beautiful son, Nathan. I cannot imagine the longing and waiting they are enduring in waiting upon the Lord's timing. Pray the Lord will continue to draw them nearer to Him, allow them to feel His peace, joy, and comfort during this time. I know and trust the Lord has a plan; sometimes I wished He'd let us in on it. =) But, I guess that is where our faith has to step in.
Bryan and Jennifer are doing so well in bringing up their beautiful twin girls. Please pray the Lord will continue to give them wisdom and discernment in parenting and raising the girls. Also, please pray He will continue to meet their needs (financially, emotionally, and spiritually). Their blog is linked at the top left of this page.
Mom and Mike aka: Nina and Poppy, or Mamma Kat and Mr. Guns - Mike is getting ready to accompany Steph and Casey to Guatemala to visit Nathan for a week. Please pray they have a wonderful time of fellowship and bonding with Nathan, as well as a safe trip. I just have to heart is breaking and aching in even thinking about this situation...I cannot imagine how hard it is for can catch up on their story by clicking on their link at the top right of this page. I know I would be hurting so badly and yearning to have my baby son home in my arms. Please join us in praying for them...and fasting if the Lord so leads you.
-Mom is working away and getting ready for the family vacation coming up: we are all meeting up in Orlando for a week vaca. Niki and Leah are also going to be there (and Ms. Pat!!). I'm praying I will still be able to go. I'm a little afraid I won't be able to depending on the job process and finances b/c of lack of work. Niki and Leah's blog is also linked above top right of the page.

Sorry this has been so long. I appreciate and THANK YOU!!!! for your prayers. Please email me at so I can know how to better pray for you. We love you and thank you!
God bless you!