Thursday, September 17, 2009

Way Over Due...Sorry

What have we been up to? Great question. I will do my best to get to it all:

Ruth has taken to the Hawaiian culture and has a new hobby called sun bathing. I don't think she realizes she is a cool weather dog. Either that or she's trying to act like Nina and Poppy (Mike and Kathy Pope).

Here is Bo acting like a duck with his arms tucked underneath him. One of the last days with the carpet downstairs. White carpet and red mud do not mix well with two dogs. Why would anyone in their right mind put white carpet in Hawaii?! Red mud is EVERYWHERE!!!

Our dear friend/brother Jeff Matthews came to visit for a few weeks. We cruised all over the island in search of LOST filming sights and just good ole adventures. That included:
Surfing - what a great work out. These are pics from the first lesson. This is Jeff and me paddling out to the waves. Catching them was easy, paddling back out was tough.

Spear Fishing

Dave was promoted
Dave is far left, next is Lt. Colonel Brown, followed by Captain DeFiori. I would have taken more pictures, but I was the only civilian there and Lt. Colonel asked me to pin Dave. Sorry. I will make

D&C Haynes Visited - below are pictures from our powered hang gliding thanks to Paradise Air. If you visit us, save up for was amazing!!!

This is Dad/Doug looking at a full circle rainbow. Who knew rainbows formed a full circle?This is Cmonster/Cindy flying over Waimea Bay on North Shore.Another one of Cindy on North Shore. This is towards the LOST crash site near Camp Erdman, which is also where "The Others" live...the Darma Initiative. My wonderful friend Jenn works here. Pics of our adventures later.
This one is of me, Carrie, flying near Kaena Point between North Shore and Waianae.
A view of Kaena Point. Right side is Waianae - beautiful beaches and snorkeling, and thousands of homeless people living in tent city. Left side is North Shore, Waialua side.

Update on the brothers:
Zac deployed
Charlie deployed
Jon is still deployed

Bo and Ruth went with us to see Zac off. This is a shot of Zac's company MP 558 and Bo is looking at me wondering why I wont let him off his leash to see Uncle Zac. Bo LOVES his Uncle Zac...birds of a feather... :) Love you buddy.Zac's wife, Sissy, turned 21...young buck.

Carrie took a teaching certificate class and will be substitute teaching for Hawaii DOE

We put in hardwood floors downstairs, about 1,000 sq ft.
Before we moved in.
Living room during demo time.
Living Room after. This is the view from upstairs looking down.

Guest Bedroom before.

Guest bedroom after.

Kitchen is finished.The office/3rd bedroom is finished. Sissy helped a ton with this project...THANK YOU!!
Dining Room is almost finished.

We have been able to hang out with old are pics of Julie Stanberry Phillips and her beautiful girls Audrey and Arabelle. These were taken while their husband/father was deployed. Julie and I went to junior high and high school together. It's great to have someone you know living so close when you are so far from home.
Another day we took the girls to Ko'Olina and put the hammock up. We all went to the Aquarium and then to Teddy's Burgers in Waikiki across from the Zoo.

Dave turned 30!!!

Dave and I went on a Marriage Retreat sponsored by the Army. Here are some pictures of the scavenger hunt we went on in Waikiki.
D is posing with a lifeguard

We had to sit in the chairs at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

This is the oldest hotel in Waikiki...I think. Moana Surf Rider

Dave in front of a Lamborghini?

need i say more?

And after the marriage retreat I'm kicking Zac's booty at a local arcade. Sorry lil bro...had to tell the truth.

In case this wasn't enough for you....I'll put more pictures up in a bit. I have to go get my external hard drive for the rest of my pictures. =)