Monday, September 27, 2010

Care Package Ideas...

Hi guys! Everyone keeps asking me what Dave (or our brothers) need/want in a care package, so here are a few ideas of what I've sent him or am thinking about doing. If you are interested in sending him (or our brothers) one and do not have his mailing address, please email me and I'll be delighted to give it to you.

With Halloween coming up, you could always send a Halloween Themed Care Package:
Bite Sized Assortment of any candy (Dave has a sweet mouth, not a sweet tooth)
Spider Webs, decorations in orange and black.

Next is Thanksgiving:
You could send him a cornucopia of goodies and decorations. I know that may sound corny to some people, but when you are stuck in the sand box for a year, the decorations we find in elementary schools do an amazing job of cheering these grown men up. Maybe even have your child's Sunday school make turkeys out of their hands and write what they are thankful for - soldier related. For example: Thankful for: freedoms, choose my own breakfasts, choose what to wear each day, be able to speak freely, not have to worry about attacks, freedom to live where I want, work where I want, live how I want, freedom to praise God any time I want, however I want, where ever I want, freedom to read my Bible without fear of being punished, etc. Maybe include a mini pecan pie, or pumpkin pie filling, can of cranberry, instant potatoes (he LOVES these) etc. anything Thanksgiving related that you could send.

Then comes Christmas:
Dad you could send him one of your fiber optic trees that rotates. ;) Maybe ask one of the children's Sunday school classes to make homemade ornaments for his tree, or make them yourself. I was thinking about buying those clear plastic ornaments and stuffing them with different scripture verses. You could always make an advent calendar with pictures from home behind each calendar date. Sugar cookies with green and red icing, maybe apple cider, cranberry juice, whatever makes you think of Christmas. Maybe even some Christmas music on a CD so he could burn it to his iTunes, or an iTunes gift card so he could download Christmas music. A Santa hat would be cute and a stocking.

On his list right now of things he has asked me for are the following:
peppermint gum
tropical trident gum
beef jerky
trail mix
miracle whip free (mayo)
tuna packs
Sour skittles
york peppermint patties
gold fish
mint melano cookies
peanut butter
propel drink packets
snickers marathon protein bars
braided pretzels
rice krispie treats
Almonds in a can (he likes the habanero bbq flavor)
Mixed nuts
oatmeal pies
oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies
instant coffee single serve packets (like the ones from starbucks)
kettle corn pop corn
hot chocolate

irish springs body wash
zip lock bags (quart size) with zipper on top
air fresheners
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
toothbrush spin heads for electric toothbrushes
dryer sheets (smells good)
yummy smelling candles
pocket warmers (it's about to start getting cold over there)
fleece blanket
smartwool socks (black or hunter green)

He'll be tickled pink with just about anything you send him, it's the thought that counts. He loves getting mail. Even if it is just a post card with your favorite Bible verse on it, he'd love it. He is really hungry right now for encouraging scripture, so please send him note cards with your favorite scripture on it.
Get creative, use these ideas as a spring board. And if you have any suggestions, I am ALL EARS!!! I know there are so many wonderful things we could do for our soldiers, and this isn't even the tip of the ice burg.

Aside from all of the above, the most important thing he needs/wants is our prayers. They've been hit pretty hard in the short time they've been there. I think we lost 2 guys the first week, 2 more guys the first month and then an additional 2 less than 2 weeks ago, plus countless wounded. We are trusting in the Lord and covet your prayers. If there is anything else you can think of, please send me a message or post one on here and I'll get back to you shortly.
Thank you for stopping by and for praying for Dave and our two brothers who are also deployed.

Here are some recent pics:

Baby Girl Tyson is getting closer to making her grand appearance. 6 weeks left. ;) We are so excited!!!

Bo Bo, the squishiest pup ever. Or as Joe Joe likes to call him, the cheese log. I prefer Bobo Beggins b/c he is always ready for your scraps.

My little princess, aka: Ruth, Ruth Ann, Ruthanator, or the "In Shape Shoat".
I am blessed beyond measure. I pray you and your loved ones are doing well in our Lord, Jesus. Thanks again for stopping by.