Monday, October 24, 2011

Savannah, GA

Pictured above: Tyson Hacienda

I was replying to a friend's email and realized, I could just as easily write on here. Copy. Paste. So, in trying to not stay gone for another year, I will try to catch everyone up with where we are and what's going on:

Questions posed to me: How is Dave? What is new with you guys?

Dave? Who's Dave? Oh! You mean my husband. Ha! Funny. Oh wait, you mean I'm supposed to see him on a regular basis? ;) I'll see him in 2 years when we PCS again...or ETS. With his training schedule and the different operations they perform, we see him sleeping and occasionally a day off once a month and in between deployments. ;)

We live in a great neighborhood where there are 7 or 8 battalion families in our neighborhood
. We literally live two houses down from one, five from another, six from another (opposite direction), and across the street and down from two more. Three have kids around Victoria's age, I hope we can have play dates on a regular basis. I have gone walking with two ladies a few times.

Victoria is doing wonderfully well. I am so amazed and blessed in and through her. The Lord has truly made my cup overflow through this two foot hobbit. Who'da thunk? She started walking at 9 months and running at 9 months two weeks. ;) She and Ruth are BFF, constantly cuddling and playing tag. We have this crinkle/rattle ball we tie to Victoria's wrist that Ruth thinks is HER toy. Needless to say, Victoria has figured it out and will taunt Ruth swinging it in her face then proceeding to run throughout the house waving her arms like a cheerleader. Ruth eventually caves. Next thing we hear is this low, deep, deep, bubbling laughter/giggle as Ruth pulls Victoria around the house, ball in mouth. Victoria thinks it is the neatest thing ever. Ruth thinks it's the greatest game ever.

Living arrangements. The Lord allowed us to buy this house and what a beautiful home it has proven to be. It has two levels with two living areas, which is perfect since we are living with Charlie and Dad (Bapa Joe Joe). Dad and Charlie have their own space upstairs: living room, computer area, bathrooms, bedrooms, and laundry room. Victoria's room is also upstairs, but for the most part we stay downstairs. I'll take pictures of the house and try to post them later. I promise I'll try to follow through on this one.

It's been a year since my last post. How fitting that we are about to go back to the same city which was the subject of my last post: Las Vegas. My brother Adam better hide now, I'll be using tracking systems to find him.


Ashley said...

Glad to see you're back! I always enjoyed reading your blog :)